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The “Why” not the “What”

Has anyone ever wondered “why” you do the things you do? I was able to view a TedTalk yesterday during a meeting and it stated that it isn’t the “what you are doing,” but the “why you are doing it!” That’s amazing in itself. Do you even know why you act the way you do? Do you know “why” you go to work? Do you know “why” you go to church? Do you have any clue “why” you get angry or happy at times?

Well for me I’ve learned that most things I do are for a reason and I know “why” I do or don’t do them. For some of us that’s not the case. Are you following the group because that’s what everyone else is doing? Are you just being a part of the social action trend because everyone else is doing it? If so, does any of it mean anything to you? If it doesn’t you may need to let it go. Quickly at that.

I challenge everyone to do the following things which includes me too. 1. Pray constantly! Sometimes words don’t justify what you need to say so just listen for God’s still small voice. 2. Find out who you are in 2015. Pray about it. 3. When you find out who you really are, find out what your passion is. Pray about it. 4. When you find out your passion, in most cases there lies your purpose. Pray about it. 5. And/Or when you find out your hurt, you find a way to share your testimony. Share it and change a life potentially. Pray about the person you spoke to about your journey.

I believe that after all of this soul seeking in 2015, you will have your “why!” But you have to start by looking in the mirror and questioning yourself and no one else!

~Blue Fusion

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