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Just do it!

As I got ready to post the new site this evening, I realized that I was a bit nervous about it all. Is this the right thing to do, right now? My mind kept telling me that it was but my gut felt all queasy. I just kept remembering the voices of those who have pushed me thus far to this point in life. After listening to a Myles Munroe motivational sermon today, I realize that I AM what my MINDSET is. It is not that I hadn't heard this before and that I didn't know this but something just clicked today. So that fear had to go. Have you ever been at a point in life that you thought everything was just falling into place? If you haven't, it is a sweet sense of peace and purpose. I hope that I am able to offer what has been given to me along the way in life. I try to figure out, even now, what propelled me to my career of choice, to my life as minister, to my purpose to help others. I can't pinpoint it at all.

My life has been one big experiment that was orchestrated not by me. An experiment where sometimes my hypotheses were right and often times wrong. Elite Communities is here to help those who want to do it with wisdom and with a second chance to get some of what we call life, right! We all need help at some point in our lives, even me. The moment I realized that we were created to be in community, life became easier. Struggles became less personal. Vulnerability became an asset and not a threat. So I published my facebook post sharing this new site today with confidence, with audacity, with boldness, with hope for constructive critique because it is only with the strength of others that we RISE to the occasion called life. Nike said it best - JUST DO IT! So I did! It feels amazing too. Not bossy, but confident!


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