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A Phoenix Rising!

Welcome to Elite Communities website. It has been a long time coming and is now here. The work has been done but we are now placing it all in one place.

We welcome you to this our site where the rubber meets the road. The road meaning that this is a journey and not a one stop show. We strive to help develop ELITE individuals and groups in our communities. Elite means superior in ability or quality. ELITE Communities seeks to Equip Leaders to Impact, Transform, and Empower communities by connecting them to essential tools, our support network and platform to exchange knowledge. Often times we are told that we can't do certain things because of where we live, where we work, and even where we attended school. But honestly, that doesn't speak to anyone's potential or current ability. We can all strive to be better than our previous selves with the right influences, the right networks and the right tools.

Talking about this makes me think about a phoenix. A phoenix was a mythological bird that after living so many years, 700 or so, it bursts into flames at death. The phoenix was a large bird much like a peacock, colorful and grand. The phoenix dies at the clap of its wings and then is reborn from the ashes to live a long life once again. Beauty from ashes. We all should try to channel the spirit of the phoenix. The spirit of rebirth and renewal. The spirit of resurrection. The spirit of a second chance that pushes us to become new beings and have new mindsets. It is fire the burns off all the residue that the world dishes out each day. It is the burning situations that teach us to be better individuals. But to do so, there must be some action on your part. Action that requires a response to the environment and systems around you. The phoenix even had to clap its wings in order to die and be reborn.

What does this mean? It means that there is a chance to become better in the end. Remembering that your well-being affects others, are you willing to take a chance with your life?

Elite Communities wants to be the guide for this journey in the midst of burning situations, trials and tribulations that have us reevaluating our lives and mindsets. We can assist you in your journey to become Elite. We offer professional development, executive coaching, and something new and exciting that will begin this summer called thought exchanges. Check us out! You may find out how dope we are in the end! #RevitalizingLife #BecomingElite #LivingYourBestLIfe #Phoenix #EliteCommunities #ChangeAgents

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