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The Strongest Even Have Their Weakest Moments

Amazing Analogy…

When given the opportunity to be a blogger for “Young & Necessary”, I felt that it was a wonderful opportunity to have young, saved individuals to express their thoughts to others on various topics with the goal to make people think, inspire, and hopefully lead to Soul Salvation. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to really write about, and my schedule has been hectic (like for real….my life is booked, lol), but it’s at this moment that I wanted to share something to whomever is reading this.

Many of us, (if not, in God’s timing), have been called to do a work. He has called us to fulfill a work, and along with that work, we have been blessed to take on other tasks and accomplish some personal goals. Many of us are great team members in the workplace, others have been placed in leadership roles and wear many hats…

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