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Peel Off the Layers!

I keep thinking about how cold it is outside and how I have on SOOO many clothes, layers that is.  It made me think about how many layers we have as people.  I can remember Jeremiah Wright coming to my church, St. John AME Church – Columbus, GA, for revival and saying that the first year you meet someone, you meet their representative.  It has stuck with me for years since – You meet their representative.  Meaning on the surface we are one person but deep down we have so many layers to our personality.  My personality in general, omg, I know Eric Ellis, wonders sometimes.  We have deep rooted layers from childhood, from past, present, and future.  As I take each layer of clothes off daily, and believe me its a lot a layers in this frigid weather, I can’t help but think about the layers we carry around as people.  The layers that shield from past and present hurts, the layers that are our true self, the layers that are really the “representative” in us all.

My challenge for everyone this year is to explore those layers one by one.  You know which layers need to come out and off.  The layer with your passion and purpose takes a lot of soul seeking, prayer, and listening for God’s voice.  The layers of hurt need to be unraveled and cured; not a Band-Aid but some true healing and counseling.  We feel as if counseling is bad, but it heals if done correctly.  I remember my sister friend, Minister Michele Watkins Branch, talking about how you can tell if your wounds are healed.  If you can talk about your wounds without crying then you have arrived at your healing Boy I still have some wounds to cure.

I challenge everyone to seek healing, seek happiness, and most of all love yourself and those around you through the process.  After all, in most cases, once you get to the middle, you find the real prize, the real jewel, the diamond in the rough.

~ Blue Fusion

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