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Missing You…

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

They say, whoever they is, that absence makes the heart grow fonder! Sometimes that just isn’t true. Let’s face it, it just isn’t. No matter how long, no matter the circumstance(s), missing you isn’t an option. Why don’t you miss me? Why don’t you feel my absence? Why don’t you wonder if I am okay like you worry about others? Yet you know the others are okay yet you still ask of them. Most of the time, the LAST thing on your mind is me. The LAST thing you remember is me. The LAST thing you allow into your heart!! The Bible states that the LAST shall be first and the first shall be LAST. Why do you come to me FIRST when you feel threatened? Why do you lie about our times together present and past? Doesn’t matter, I’ll always be there, I’ve always been there, I won’t leave you, and I won’t forget you… said Jesus!


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