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Death Becomes Her!

Yesterday’s lesson learned was a hard one. I lost a long time friend to an unknown cause. How many of us have relatives or friends that we claim to be close to that we don’t even check on? How many of us are angry or mad with a loved one and hadn’t spoke to them in years? How many of us have allowed our method of contact to be a text or just an email? It is so impersonal.

What happened to writing a handwritten letter to the people that you love? What happened to picking up the phone and giving someone you love a call? As a society, we have more ways to communicate and we DON’T communicate at all. I can remember growing up and no one had a cell phone but things got done as they should. Years ago I lost another friend whom I had just traveled to see the day after Christmas from Georgia. We laughed, talked, and had a great time at dinner. I traveled back home from Mississippi and two days later received a call from her niece in the middle of the night around 4 am. The voice on the other end of the phone said, “Were you my auntie’s friend?” My first thought was “were?” My mind began to race and I asked who it was. When her niece realized it was me, she began to cry and tell me that she had passed away at 31 years of age from a massive heart attack. She made it to the hospital, had a triple by-pass surgery and seemed to be fine but didn’t make it. I was crushed. This was someone whom I had shared secrets with, cracked jokes with, etc. – a TRUE friend, a loved one. So yesterday when I lost another friend in her 30s, it was heartbreaking to know that time is filled with swift transition. She was in the prime of her life, just graduated with a Masters and gotten her dream job only to succumb to death a week after starting her new job.

This made me reflect over my first week into 2015. It was a week of turmoil, a week of uncertainty, and a week where I didn’t treat my loved ones as they should be treated for various reasons. The lesson learned for me this day, was that no matter what is going on “LOVE” should prevail. We have it all wrong. God didn’t want us to be so busy and about making the dollar that we can’t see one another. He doesn’t want us to forget where we came from. He doesn’t want us to even get so frustrated with one another that we never speak again.

What I didn’t tell is that the friend who passed away yesterday, she and I had a bout with one another a while back and didn’t speak for about 2 years. It was something really silly, basically a difference of opinion. It took a death for us to realize how dumb it was. We reconciled at the other friend’s funeral and have been close since. Although we didn’t see one another a lot, we kept in touch in various ways.

My challenge for everyone today is that you call or write your loved ones, family or not family. Tell them how you feel, tell them what’s on your mind, tell them you miss them and that you care about them and their well being. They may not know and you may never get a chance to tell them how you feel. Procrastination is a lie and a hinderance. Don’t keep saying you will do it tomorrow because tomorrow may never come.

Love like you have never loved before… you won’t regret it!

~Blue Fusion

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