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Ageless Wisdom

Lessons learned Day 6

I have learned that tenure and age does not mean wisdom and knowledge. I had a dental procedure today to correct something that someone else did years ago. Praising God that he kept me all this time because the dentist even left a piece of metal equipment inside the root canal. What I learned is that just because you have done the job for years doesn’t mean you are the most knowledgeable or even the best at what you do. Even as Christians, we can go t…o church every week and still not know Christ. We can pretend and get by but is that really who you are? Are you good at it?

Don’t let age and tenure get you twisted. Out of the mouths of babes (children and those less tenured) comes wisdom at times. Don’t discount others because of their newness, their age, their swag, or their way or style of doing things. God feeds the vision to all. And it doesn’t mean you have to be older to tell or recite it! Take note, young doesn’t mean stupid and older doesn’t mean wiser!

~Blue Fusion

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