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Spades of Justice – Morals or Law

Justice.  We all want it.  We want it to be immediate.  We want it to be swift.  We want it to make sense.  All too often justice doesn’t fit what we believe it to be.  There are so many examples of this today in this climate of the U.S.   For example the George Zimmerman or O.J. Simpson cases.  Many felt that they both should have been guilty as charged for murder.  But Law… law said something different.  It amazes me how the “law” can become a loophole for many to fall into or walk through.  Loophole are almost what I feel God doesn’t provide for any Christian.  I always feel like if I did something that is considered immoral, I definitely would be caught or punished swiftly.  Maybe its that old saying… what you do in the dark comes to light!  Is that so?  When it comes to morals, many believe that it is a universal right or wrong.  I beg to differ simply because none of us truly know what the truth is.  So how can we actually have law?  That’s right.  How can we?  Morals are different for all of us.  Many cultures have different morals.  If you were raised as a white supremacist and that is all you know then your morals will be centered around that. Your morals will only be challenged when you come out of the bubble into society that should dictate that ALL persons no matter what color are equal.  Your morals tell you that is not true, but society is adamant about it.  The same goes for African Americans who feel like uplifting “blackness” should degrade others who are not black.  Is this moral?  If you are a part of that culture, may be.  For me, none of us have the absolute truth, that we can agree on.  No one knows that mind and heart of God.   No one.  So can we ever make it to the truth, or law, or even justice.  What is it all based on?  What is OUR truth?  How does our culture play into OUR truth, OUR thoughts of justice, and OUR morals?  So many questions to answer and ponder.  Will we ever get to justice?  I believe that the only thing we can know for sure.  That is that ALL persons should be loved no matter what.  ALL. PERSONS.  And that ALL PERSONS should be treated with respect no matter what.  Is that simple enough?  I believe it is but to some this is foreign talk and may never resonate with their spirits.  All I can do is pray that God prevails in this age of Trumpism.  In the game of spades, the trumps always run out and then who is in control.  The trumps always come out first and then the game is on an even playing field.  The hand you are dealt can make or break you.  I am definitely playing with God in control, no trumps in hand, but all the books in the end WILL come to me.  Justice Served by God.  In due time, no instantly.  They that wait on the Lord…

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